Weekly Report 2021-08-08

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Here is the summary of last week’s activity in my Trading Journals for all the four official options strategies I trade inside the Options Trading Club.

Full disclosure: I have 100% skin in the game on these positions, as they are all trades from my real money trading account.


Cash Secured Puts (CSP)

Along with the Wheel Strategy, our CSP (Cash Secured Puts) strategy for income generation is the most popular strategy in the community. So far, on my CSP Trading Journal channel, I have closed a total of 30 winning trades with a 100% win rate since the launch of the Options Trading Club.

If you join our Discord Community, you will have access to my full track record of closed trades, and, of course, to all the real-time alerts for new trades.

Last week, I was able to take advantage of the earnings announcement from BYND, as on Thursday I published the following trading idea:

STO BYND 08/06 CSP $115 for a $2.40 credit
Delta = 0.25
IV = 173%
Projected AROI of about 762% in 1 day
WARNING: very aggressive pre-earnings play trying to take advantage of the inflated IV and highly unpredictable stock

This the alert I posted the following day:

BTC BYND 08/06 CSP $115 for a $0.08 debit
I am keeping 97% of the premium for a 736% AROI in 1 day.
It looks like disappointing earnings were already priced in…

The following positions all expired worthless on Friday night for 100% profit. The trade on MU initially moved against me and required 3 adjustments, but in the end it produced an excellent 36% AROI over 36 days.




The Wheel Strategy (WS)

On Friday, ARKK 08/06 CSP $112 expired worthless. I kept 100% of the premium for a 54% AROI in 10 days.

With all the premium collected until now on ARKK in all the trades played from the beginning of 2021, I was able to accumulate a cost basis reduction per share (in case of assignment on 100 shares) of $54.10 (excluding commissions). And so far, I have never been assigned!


Vertical Credit Spreads (CS)

Inside my Credit Spread (CS) Trading Journal, I run a $1,000 virtual portfolio to teach beginner traders how to grow a small account with a conservative options strategy using discipline and patience. The account is currently still fully in cash as we are waiting for new favorable setups to be played.


Time Spreads (TS)

The fourth official strategy of the Options Trading Club is on Time Spreads (TS) such as calendar or diagonal spreads. I also use these strategies as a delta neutral edge against the other more directional strategies traded inside the community.

At the moment, I am in the middle of a double calendar campaign on IWM that so far is proceeding pretty smoothly, with the first round of adjustments on the short legs already executed. I will post the final results in my weekly reports at the end of the campaign.

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