Weekly Report 2021-07-25

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After spending the last two months creating, launching, and growing the Options Trading Club, I am now finally back with my Weekly Reports!

As some of you may already know, the Options Trading Club (OTC) is a Discord Community focused entirely on options trading. The mission of the community is to share knowledge and trade ideas, while supporting each other on the journey to financial success. We are looking to help members generate consistent returns in the stock market while not losing sleep over their positions.

The combination of sound options strategies and related trading ideas, and access to an exclusive community of like-minded traders and investors, provides members with a friendly and supportive learning environment suitable for people with any level of financial experience.

Inside the community, I offer exclusive access to all my real trading journals via an instant private feed. Every time I open, adjust, or close a position, I immediately publish the related details and charts. I only employ some of the best and safest options strategies, having relatively lower risk and higher profitability than many of the other popular option strategies out there.

There are several group chats where members can post their charts and ideas, ask questions, and share information. This allows everybody to learn, share and grow through real-time authentic and engaging conversations. The community is completely troll-free! No spam and no BS are allowed.

As I am writing this article, we have a total of more than 260 members and already have several enthusiastic reviews on TrustPilot.

Inside the Options Trading Club, we have FOUR specific areas dedicated to the following options trading strategies:

  • Sale of Cash Secured Puts (CSP) for income generation.
  • The Wheel Strategy (WS): a systematic way to sell Cash-Secured Puts and Covered Calls as part of a long-term trading methodology.
  • Vertical Credit Spreads (CS) such as Bull Put Spreads and Bear Call Spreads
  • Time Spreads (TS) such as calendars, diagonals, and other positions consisting of multiple legs expiring on different cycles.

For each strategy area, the following channels are available:

  • a channel dedicated to education to help everybody understand how the specific strategy works, with articles, examples, case studies, and links to external resources;
  • a channel with the answers to some of the more common questions (FAQ) about the strategy;
  • a channel where I publish my trading journal for the strategy, with real-time alerts, charts, spreadsheets, etc…
  • a general channel where all the members can publish their ideas and engage in discussions about the specific strategy.

On top of the specific strategy sections, the community also has a general area with additional channels:

  • a channel for education and trading tools with links to (mainly) FREE resources such as websites, articles, books, videos, podcasts, etc…
  • a general chat where everybody can discuss the stock market, share information, ask questions to other members, or simply hang out.
  • we also have an additional channel for trading ideas where everybody can post ideas about any options strategies not included in the other sections, and I publish daily lists of ideas for simple long calls and puts.


At the moment, the CSP (Cash Secured Puts) for income generation is the most popular strategy in the community. Inside my CSP Trading Journal channel, every time I open, adjust, or close a position, I publish the related details and chart. So far, since the launch of the OTC Community in May 2021, I have closed a total of 22 trades with a 100% win rate.

These are the three positions I closed last week.

CWH 07/23 CSP $37 expired worthless. I kept 100% of the premium for an 84% AROI in 16 days. I had to do one roll on this trade but actually improved the AROI from the original of 67%.


TNA 07/23 CSP $80 expired worthless. I am keeping 100% of the premium for a 40% AROI in 10 days.

TNA 07/23 CSP $82 expired worthless. I kept 100% of the premium for a 85% AROI in 15 days. In this case too, I did one roll on the position and improved the AROI from the original projected one of 58%.


Inside the CSP strategy area, we also have a channel where members publish their trading ideas. So far, the total track record of all closed trades (including mine) is 101 wins and zero losses!!


The Wheel Strategy (WS) has a special place in my heart and has a dedicated area inside the community. In my WS Trading Journal, I am currently posting trades on three stocks/ETFs: ARKK, NIO, and PLTR.

On Friday, both ARKK 07/23 CSP at the $117 and $120 strike prices expired worthless. I kept 100% of the premium for a 63% AROI in 9 days, and a 67% AROI in 15 days respectively. I still have a 07/30 CSP $114 open.

With all the premium collected so far on ARKK in all the trades played from the beginning of 2021 (so far a total of 15 campaigns), my cost basis in case of assignment on 100 shares at $114 would be only $61.55 per share (excluding commissions).


Inside my Credit Spread (CS) Trading Journal, I run a $1,000 virtual portfolio to teach beginner traders how to grow a small account with a conservative options strategy using discipline and patience. In about two months, the account is up 24.6% with 10 wins and just one small loss.


The last section of the community is dedicated to Time Spreads (TS) strategies such as calendar or diagonal spreads.

Last week in my Time Spreads Trading Journal, I closed a double calendar campaign on SPY, achieving a 26.60% profit over 28 days for a staggering 347% annualized return on the initial investment. That’s pretty incredible considering how far from profitability the trade was just a few days before closing it. This strategy can work really well as an edge against more directional strategies.

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