Weekly Report 2021-04-18

trading journal


The S&P500 (SPY) posted another record week and still looking very extended on the upside. At the same time the volatility index (VIX) is still trading lower and now in the 15-16 range. All of this seems to be a perfect setup for an upcoming pullback.

Weekly performance (Week 15/2021)
– SPY (S&P500) +1.40%
 QQQ (Nasdaq100) +1.45%
 DIA (Dow Jones Industrial) +1.18%
 IWM (Small Caps) +0.93%







During the week I played a very quick CSP on XLE that allowed to keep 71% of the premium in just 1 day for a 175% AROI.


On Friday night I let expire worthless the ARKK 04/16 CSP $117 achieving a 70% AROI in 11 days. I have more CSP expiring on 04/23.


On the covered call side I rolled AAPL 04/16 CC $128 out (to 05/07) and up (to $130) for a net credit of $0.60


The DDOG 04/16 CC $100 and GRWG 04/16 CC$60 both expired worthless on Friday night respectively for a 63% AROI in 3 days and a 39% AROI in 15 days.


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