What if You Could Reach Consistent Results in the Stock Market with the Guide of a Trader and Investor with over 20 Years of Experience?

 The Wheel Academy is made up of 3 key components:

  1. THE CLASSIC WHEEL STRATEGY COURSE, a comprehensive video course in which I collected all the best lessons learned from two decades of experience and shared during my previous live coaching programs, showing in detail the techniques and thought process behind the main options strategy I utilize in my real-money account. The course is organized into four sections, each with several downloadable resources and videos totaling more than 10 hours of recording.
  2. MONTHLY LIVE GROUP COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME including market and portfolio analysis, real life examples and case studies, masterclasses on new trading strategies or variations of existing strategies, Q&A and live interaction with the members. All live calls are recorded and made available for replay in the Academy content library a few hours after the event, along with any downloadable resources.
  3. A PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM of like minded traders accessible ONLY to Wheel Academy Members, with sections dedicated to general conversations, trade ideasdiscussing and developing strategies, Q&A and support, introducing yourself and making new trading buddies.

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See the reviews from my previous students...


I joined The Wheel Academy when it started. I have found the material both interesting and educational. The monthly webinars have expanded the types of trades I make dramatically. I would recommend joining if you can.
- Prana J.

The Wheel Academy is a truly genuine, no-hype, honest service run by Gianmarco, a professional with "skin in the game". In the education sessions, Gianmarco takes you through structured steps to learn option trading safely and at a comfortable pace. You get detailed presentations, templates, downloadable materials, and advice on inexpensive tools to help you manage your trading. A major benefit is the access to monthly group discussions, supported by examples to ensure that everyone is learning at their own pace. Often, Gianmarco takes and posts the trades so that you can follow the strategy in real-time. In these sessions you get ample opportunity to ask questions and learn from others. If you want to learn solid option strategies, this is the place.
- Tony M.

It’s been about six months since I joined The Wheel Academy, and I have nothing but positive things to say! Gianmarco is an engineer at heart and by profession, so everything is explained in deep detail, including the rationale behind every move or a complete strategy. The learning curve for someone who has little experience with options trading can be steep, but Gianmarco is answering all questions in the forum or during our live sessions. On top of that, he was also kind enough to give me a personal coaching session to help me advance my trading. Money very very very well spent but requires effort and commitment from you as well if you want to learn how to trade. This is not a "follow blindly" or a "signals" platform, it is an advanced learning program!
- Leo K.

Gianmarco did a great job in both, the preparation and delivery of the knowledge. I had many ah-ha moments and that to me is a sign that loose concepts are falling into place. I am very satisfied with this course, definitely over and beyond my expectations.
- Mario A.

I thought the course was great, I have been looking for ways to start to generate passive income, and I have always been interested in the markets and have a full-time job that takes 50 to 60 hours a week, so my choices are been limited. Starting with $10,000 I make enough to cover the cost of the course in a few short weeks.
- Kurt

Gianmarco was an excellent teacher and put together a very detailed course of study. Highly recommended for any option trader interested in upping his game.
- Scott C.

The course was extremely helpful from the point of view of a beginner in options trading. The ability to “repair” trades was both eye opening and a game changer in order to consider options trading in my portfolio. The idea of treating the strategy/trades as a business makes a lot of sense considering the ratio of successful trades one can execute following the principles explained in the course. The time devoted to each session showed an unprecedented commitment from Gianmarco.
- Fernando A.

The course offered more than I was expecting. It was very comprehensive with regard to the the topic and the teacher was extremely knowledgeable and patient in explaining the concepts. I would highly recommend this course if you want to better understand the Wheel Strategy when trading options.
- Leonard T.

I absolutely loved the course, and Gianmarco's dedication to making sure this course satisfies all of the needs of those taking it has been nothing short of extraordinary. I personally didn't mind spending extra time listening to lectures since they were packed with knowledge and experience, and no time was wasted - none at all! In the age of gurus selling bogus courses for a lot of money this one is a much needed exception, and I feel very lucky that I've found it!
- David O.

The course was excellent value for the money. I came away from the course with very few questions which indicates that Gianmarco did an excellent job of covering the material and re-enforcing key concepts throughout the course. The trading philosophy of the course aligns very much with my risk profile and time commitment so it was very worthwhile to take the course.
- Glen K.

The information given was so much more than I expected. The practical during the live market session was also very useful. The video recording allows for repeated viewing to understand the concept and methods which is proven and perfected by Gianmarco. Overall a course that is well organized and good value for money.
- K.H.

As a newbie option seller, the course was extremely helpful. The course was created with all stages of option selling lifecycle, all the way from option basics, how to screen potential clients and repair strategies that need to be employed. It also provided how much time as option seller need to invest. In conclusion, I am very satisfied with the course and it helped me understand the process of how Option Trading Club CSP and WS strategies work.
- James M.

Gianmarco certainly over-delivered with respect to the amount of content provided. The course was a very good use of my time.
- Travis R.

Gianmarco is very passionate about his trading program and is a great teacher. He shows so much concern for his students and goes above and beyond in his training. He shares his knowledge with everyone and will work with individuals on a one on one basis, making sure that they understand the process.
- Ron R.

It was great! Absolutely worth the money!
- Mikko H.

I found the course very interesting. I knew nothing about options trading at the beginning and I now feel confident in adding options trading to my investment toolbox.
- Gerald M.

Very well done! Gianmarco was fantastic ie answered everyone's questions. I learned a lot of valuable information.
- Jim K.

It was a good decision to join the course. Thanks Gianmarco!
- Björn